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So I guess I’m posting more. And getting more views. And also I saw this tag done by Lia @ Lost In A Story  and I liked it :). And someone else started it, but they deleted their site or else I would credit them. So I guess I’m doing it now? (Mostly because I want to and not because I want you to know me. If you knew me you wouldn’t like me.) Continue reading “Get To Know Me Tag”

World Book Day

Today, my friends, is World Book Day. Here are my favorite books (and series)!

 Harry Potter

Written by J.K. Rowling, suspenseful this fantasy series will sweep you off your feet until you reachall-harry-potter-books the end!

Review Links:

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The Lunar Chronicles

Written by author Marissa Meyer, this sci-fi series is a futuristic remake of famous fairy tales. Each main character symbolizes a fairy tale character in some way. A quality that I really admire in these books is the way girl power manifests itselflunar-chronicles.

Cinder- isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty

Scarlet-  fierce and independent, not afraid to stand up for herself.

Cress- intelligent and creative, won’t sit around
doing nothing

Winter- determined, crazy but doesn’t really care

Percy Jackson (Sorry, dear friend of mine!)

Rick Riordan’s series, based off on Greek mythology, is full of page-turning books. With harrowing battles and enemies combined with dear friends and raging pantheons, this books will make you thirsty for more.

Other series(es?) by Rick Riordan: cb68880ea119126052be595a3440ca86

Magnus Chase

Heroes of Olympus

Trials of Apollo

The Kane Chronicles


This masterpiece, written by Pam Muñoz Ryan, set in the mid-20th century, 71ak5tvgxsltracks the sorrow-filled lives of three young children. As they go through their lives, they discover the magic of their music and the influence it has on those surrounding them. A story of fortune and fantasy, the twists and turns of one life connecting to another has an air of perfect coincidence.



A story of both fitting in and standing out, RJ Palacio weaves Wonder with talent andwonder_cover_art
precision. August Pullman, born with a condition that makes him look different from other kids, is finally going to be able to go to school. He overcomes challenges of all sorts to rise and shine.

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