Daughter of Smoke and Bone /~/ Laini Taylor

8490112I’m a little bit salty, okay. All my friends had been hyping this book and I just. didn’t get there? It was good, but it wasn’t AJKGHSA;HVFJKQ. (ya know? right? i’m so #relatable)


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Children of Blood and Bone /~/ wowza i want more



This book was literally so on point with what I expected, okay? I wanted epic African-inspired fantasy with ton of magic, and I got what I wanted. There has been a ton of hype surrounding this book,,, and let me just say I totally understand why.


– that! cover! (i am a shallow aesthetics loving hooman bean okay)
– rich african fantasy- my dudes this was an engrossing story and the gods and monarchy and magic were just so !!! (disclaimer: we are gonna be seeing a whole lotta exclamation points)
– amari is my daughter and i will protect her and why yes, i know she can kill people
-Zélie felt slightly antiheroish (like not young elites adelina level but still) and i live for grey morality okay
-WOW siblings! in fantasy! (although, not #siblinggoals level you know, with all that evil betrayal  going on
– that author’s note is something everyone needs to pay attention to and hats off to adeyemi

– there was a plot twist but i found it a little bit predictable- but. i read a lot. so you may or may not care about this.
– the romance felt so. forced. It was a relationship that was completely unnecessary and lackluster and bleggghhhh

Representation: African characters

Trigger warnings: gory character death

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

my dudes, if you like fantasy like,,, at all- read this. if you don’t like fantasy (what are you doing with your life) read this

They Both Die At The End

They Both Die At The End
Adam Silvera
I’m so happy the image is a link yay
So this is sort of sci-fi I think? I’m not sure. But basically, the story takes place in the future where there is a technology called Death-Cast that predicts when you’re gonna die. So these two boys get the call, and they become friends, and basically have the best day of their lives, before their life ends. (also this is a lot more sweet than how i describe it, and i assure you, your heart will be broken. unless you are completely apathetic.  then i pity you.)

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Lucky Broken Girl

31247023Lucky Broken Girl
By Ruth Behar

This book was the story of a young Cuban girl, Ruthie Mizrahi, who moved to New York after Fidel Castro takes over her home. Even as she learns to adapt, she gets into a car accident. Lucky Broken Girl is actually based on Ruth Behar’s childhood, and tells how she learned to cope with her struggles and pain after the accident with small pleasures. Continue reading “Lucky Broken Girl”