I Lived on Butterfly Hill

Okay so like I just adored this book because it was just the SWEETEST story because like love, loss, war, learning (I like things in a book okay don’t judge)
So this is sort of historical fiction because it’s based on the events that happened in Chile in the 1970’s under Pinochet, but there have been details altered, just saying.
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Lucky Broken Girl

31247023Lucky Broken Girl
By Ruth Behar

This book was the story of a young Cuban girl, Ruthie Mizrahi, who moved to New York after Fidel Castro takes over her home. Even as she learns to adapt, she gets into a car accident. Lucky Broken Girl is actually based on Ruth Behar’s childhood, and tells how she learned to cope with her struggles and pain after the accident with small pleasures. Continue reading “Lucky Broken Girl”

A Mango-Shaped Space – by Wendy Mass

1651208         This book is funny sad, and day-to-day life all rolled into one. Mia is an 8th grade girl with synesthesia, where you associate sounds, letters, and numbers with tastes, colors, and shapes with texture and patterns. Nobody knows that she has synesthesia. When she tells everybody, nobody attempts to understand her except her mother and father. Continue reading “A Mango-Shaped Space – by Wendy Mass”

Anne of Ingleside – by L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Ingleside is a beautiful book. It has a developed plot, complex wording, and focuses on different events of many characters’ lives.

anne of ingleside

There are many characters, but the main characters are Anne, Jem (James), Nan (Nancy), Diana, Walter and Rilla (Marilla).The Plot covers Jem’s wild adventures, Nan’s dreams and Imaginary companion, Diana’s trouble-making friends, Walter’s quiet thoughts, and Rilla’s silly antics.There won’t be a silent instant at all in this lively book.

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