Daughter of Smoke and Bone /~/ Laini Taylor

8490112I’m a little bit salty, okay. All my friends had been hyping this book and I just. didn’t get there? It was good, but it wasn’t AJKGHSA;HVFJKQ. (ya know? right? i’m so #relatable)


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The Midnight Star

There was once a time when darkness shrouded the world, and the darkness had a queen.”

Adelina hasn’t found satisfaction yet. And so she succumbs to the sway of her own illusions, conquering and overpowering faraway lands in an attempt to hide the growing discord within herself and her surroundings. Her friends abandoned her- and now she’s getting the greatest revenge: victory. With her Rose Society and the newly-turned Inquisitorial Axis, she maintains a rule of fear and power, one few can disrupt. Continue reading “The Midnight Star”

The Enchantress Returns

Connor and Alex both long to go back to the fairytale world, but with the prolonged absencetlos2 of their grandmother, the Fairy Godmother, and no portal, they are stranded here with their sorrows and fears.

Until one day, the twins’ mother disappears, and magical soldiers, a transformed dog, and Mother Goose show up at their doorstep with the intentions of protecting them. All this is enough to make the pair skittish, and Alex squeezes every last drop of information out of Mother Goose before setting off to her grandmother’s house find her. After realizing this, Conner chases after her with Lester, Mother Goose’s giant gander.

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The Wishing Spell

the-wishing-spell-the-land-of-stories-seriesTwins Alex and Conner are hopelessly lost in a world of confusion. Their optimistic father has died, and their mom is hardly ever at home, balancing 2 jobs and a family. Exact opposites, brainiac Alex and slacker Conner share one thing- they miss their family desperately. Therefore, their endearing grandma comes to celebrate their birthday with them, and gives them a weathered old collection of the classic fairy tales called the Land of Stories.

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Harry Potter: the Deathly Hallows

Voldemort has now taken over Harry’s world, and as Harry’s coming-of-age approaches, he is about to become vulnerable to Dark magic. The Order of the Phoenix takes major precautions, but are thwarted by Voldemort’s devoted followers, the hated Death Eaters. harry-potter-deathly-hallows-coverA new Minister of Magic questions Harry endlessly about his connections to Dumbledore, before Mr. Weasley steps in and distracts him.

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Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

ootp-us-jacket-artHarry is very nearly expelled from Hogwarts after a troop of Dementors attack them and he uses the Patronus Charm to defend himself. After this stunning incident, Dumbledore manages to persuade that he acted out of self defense. He learns about the secretive organisation called the Order of the Phoenix, whose members are devoted to stopping Voldemort. The members include Professor Lupin, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and newer characters like Nymphadora Tonks, a Metamorphmagus with bright pink hair, and the justice-loving Kingsley Shacklebolt.

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Harry Potter: the Goblet of Fire

Voldemort, living through death, has returned to his roots- and started killing again.

goblet_fire_coverWhen Harry gets back to school, he discovers that the Triwizard Tournament was being held for the first time in 2 centuries. Dumbledore announces that the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher would be Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody.  Harry contacts Sirius often, seeking help especially after the Goblet chooses him despite him being underage.

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