a collection of monostitches (no. 2)

I. she was surrounded and still alone.

II. she was always reduced to one word, even though she was so much more.

III. he loved life, but not living.

IV. i’m surrounded by water, but i’m still thirsty

V. it made a hole, but the hole closed up

VI. they drew up the walls not to protect themselves, but to protect the world

VII. i haunt myself in too many ways to count

VIII. what had once shook the world became merely an echo

IX. you don’t have to wait for me, i’m too far ahead

a collection of monostitches

For those of you who don’t know, monostitches are poems with only one line, and they’re very  VERY hard to make (for me at least).
she cried, and they watched, motionless.
cold eyes and a colder heart were all that remained.
i’m waiting for my forever
they said no, and i cared too much
bright lights, bright eyes, dark past, dark future
he smiled, golden, but nothing was perfect
i’ve flown too far to fall now
she waited for something i was never going to say, never
what are we to do when happiness has become a mere memory?